jGoBoard 2.0 released!

A substantially improved version of jGoBoard library is now available. The basic usage is the same, but some notable changes include:

  • New board image with less distortion than the previous one
  • Correct “descending” order for board letter coordinates (A1 is bottom left, not top left corner :)
  • New stone graphics and shadows make a cleaner look (some may like the old ones more, but I’m not redoing these until I get my hands on slate & shell stones)
  • Board is now a <div> instead of <table>, and stones are absolutely positioned divs – should be more straightforward to render for a browser (although it’s 1160 divs for a 19×19 board, talk about heavy)
  • Complete support for standard SGF markers (circle, square, cross, triangle, number and letter labels)
  • Territory markers which highlight underlying stones “dead”
  • Some additional nifty code under hood, such as <pre>board.each</pre> iteration functionality

I’ll be doing some documentation soon on how to use all of this new functionality, but meanwhile you can download jGoBoard 2 and take a look at the internals, of give it a spin on the renewed SGF viewer with support for markers and territory display!

If you’re anxious to see the territory markers and don’t want to locate a SGF file from the net with markers or make your own, fast forward this one to the end and also see the second last move with markers: example.sgf (sorry for the bad play :).

6 thoughts on “jGoBoard 2.0 released!

    1. Joonas Pihlajamaa Post author

      The board is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 attribution non-commercial license, which basically means you’re free to use it for non-commercial purposes as long as you mention the original author (i.e. me :)

    1. Joonas Pihlajamaa Post author

      Sure you can. SGF player may need tweaking if you want to completely integrate it, but that might also work. Linking to jgoboard.com is also possible unless your site generates excessive traffic. :)

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