jGoBoard downloads come with simple demo page. The SGF viewer is not included because it requires a PHP companion file to run on other than offline mode.

Latest version

  • Version 3.0, last updated 21 September, 2014 jGoBoard 3

Older versions

4 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Recle Vibal


    Can I embed sgf files in my blog using jgoboard? I want to embed my game reviews there, but I can’t install wordpress plugins (like eidogo). Thanks.

    1. Joonas Pihlajamaa Post author

      A SGF viewer plugin is still in the works, currently you would need to implement it yourself using the library. I don’t yet know when I’ll have the free time to implement such a feature, so no promise on timeline yet. Best you can currently do is to link to the viewer:


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